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Each cross is hand made in Murfreesboro TN and avaliable in a variety of hard and soft woods,(oak,cherry,walnut,red cedar,etc.)These can be made in any size and any stain color desired whether it be for color preference or matching existing furniture or trim work.Theycan also be left plain if you would like to apply the finish.Sizes range from 12 inches and are only limited by the amount of space you have avaliable.Pricing starts at $5 and is dependant upon choice of wood,amount of  carving and size .The plain crosses are great for gift and award items and the edges can be routed if desired.The hand carved crosses are made by order.If you see one that you like or have a particular style or theme in mind it is no problem at all to design a pattern to fit what you want.10% deposit may be required on orders of $100 or more but if you are not satisfied with the finished product you are not obligated to take delivery. I will sell it to someone else and gladly refund your deposit when when it sells.